Bourn Pest Solutions, LLC

The Bourn Story

Jeff Bourn started Bourn Pest Solutions after years of work in the pest control industry.
    "I'd been a pest control operator at a large company and I really enjoyed it; I mean I loved the work, the meeting and helping people, solving the puzzles, the whole shebang. And I loved the company I worked for too. But as time went on I began to see a bunch of little opportunities: 'that's not the best way to handle that issue', 'we shouldn't have charged this long-term customer to do some extra work', 'it probably wasn't wise to over promise on this', etc. I suppose you could call these criticisms, but that wasn't the way I looked at it. After realizing enough of these little opportunities, the big opportunity was pretty much standing in front of me and shaking me by the shirt collar. So I started Bourn Pest Solutions where we do everything better - better service, better value, and better knowledge; the customer is always the top priority. Call today and we'll prove it to you."